Apple’s new iPhone feature next year is Siri inside cars.

Every year that the iPhone is released it always has something up its sleeve to try to wow customers. Apple was in their prime from the years 2007 through to 2010, but since then they have really struggled to bring out any real innovation. It has been better versions of what we have already. Other than seeing a flexible curved display it might be that way again for at least one more year on the phone side of things, but there will be something else they are set to show off.

The Holden Barina will be Australia’s first car to feature a Siri button where drivers can press it on the steering wheel and talk to Siri. The aim of this is to keep eyes on the road more and stop them from wandering down to mobile screens — a place that has caused many accidents. Granted, it’s not the fruit companies fault that other people choose not to look at the road, but if they can change something to make it easier that seems to be what they are working on.

The new Siri service should make it easy for requests such as places, time and weather.

The same thing will be happening in America, only it will be the GMC cars that strike the deal for the new feature. General Motors and Holden are similar companies, and that’s why Holden will be getting it before Ford do.

Siri can already be used when driving by using Bluetooth, but there has never been a dedicated button for it inside of cars. If it works out it could have Apple sitting very pretty inside of motor vehicles for years to come, even leading to iOS dashboards.

It was expected that this would be happening before Apple shift their attention over to the TV side of things. Today news broke of the Cupertino company focusing on wearable tech instead of the TV which also confirms that TV is merely an afterthought now.

The GMC cars to feature the new “Siri Eye Free” technology will be the Spark and Sonic models.

On the competitors front, Google Maps is expected to be integrated into the new KIA cars. This will happen before Siri gets inside any, predicted to be already happening inside of the Sorrento.

Siri also has some other tricks up its sleeve for cars already. It is possible to start-up and lock the car via Siri on the iPhone, effectively operating as a set of handy keys.

Samsung is also said to be releasing a service called “S-Voice” which will be inside the 2014 BMW and called iDrive. It will be the closest thing to a true Siri Eye’s Free competitor.

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