This may come as a real shock to many: it’s actually Android owners that are choosing to convert over to the iPhone and not the other way around according to a new survey that has been conducted.

Now before you shout in the comments about how many people you know who the exact opposite applied for, let me tell you from what I have seen around the web I would have thought the same thing as you, which is what makes this study so surprising and newsworthy.

Since Apple came out with iOS 7 there has many, many avid is users vowing to switch over to Android. Another reason being that Apple is refusing to let up on the security side of things and Android still love for its users to go and give it root access for kicks.

Looking deeper, it’s also Android that dominates the markets in most parts of the world. Google shares are at an all time high, and Android had just released some more fantastic mid-range handsets in the Nexus 5 and the Moto X which have produced great sales figures and should continue to do so for the next few months to end up the year and Q4.

That being said, if you go around the world, believe it or not, there are people still lining up waiting to get and iPhone 5s. And if it’s the gold iPhone 5S you want, don’t even bother asking. Supply is that short that demand is by-far-and-away, killing it, even to this day, several months after the release.

At the end of the day, studies are studies and if the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners say this is what they found then it’s hard to dispute it. Numbers aren’t alarmed by any means, but they do say that Apple has seen more people switch over to it from Android than it did last year in 2012.

Android and iPhone have been in one of the most intense rivalries the tech business has ever seen. It has also long been known that once a person commits to a company, chances are they will continue to stay with that same company through the years. As long as that company continues to produce enough to have them interested in upgrading to a newer handset after their current plan runs out, that will keep them happy enough to never get to know what the other one they have never met is like to experience.