If you want to wipe all data at once, you can hard reset the Samsung SM-G900F. Every smartphone that runs Android can have a hard reset applied to it. It’s also common to hard reset to try to solve software-related issues. If you are troubleshooting and still notice software issues after restoring the device to its factory state, you should check for software updates from the Settings app. A new firmware version will fix it.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Samsung SM-G900F smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Samsung SM-G900F

You can hard reset the Samsung SM-G900F smartphone from the User and Backup section of the Settings app. Here is where to find it:

You lose all data such as photos, settings, and apps when you apply a hard reset to the Samsung SM-G900F smartphone. This means you need to take a backup before you hard reset. Thankfully you can back up from the same section of the Settings app before you reset the device.

1. With the Samsung SM-G900F turned on, tap Settings > User and Backup.

2. Tap Factory reset.

3. Confirm you want to restore the Samsung SM-G900F to its default factory state.

Once the Android operating system restarts, you will have to sign in to your Google account and restore the data if you want it back on the smartphone. Those who are selling the smartphone can keep the data wiped.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Samsung SM-G900F smartphone.