Usually, you can hard reset an Android smartphone from the Settings app and from Recovery Mode. However, the Sony Xperia L1 G3311 is unique in that it doesn’t have the hard reset option available via Recovery. For most people that is not an issue as the most convenient way to hard reset is via the Settings app anyway. If you did need to hard reset via Recovery, you can download the Xperia Companion app.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Sony Xperia L1 G3311 smartphone.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia L1 G3311

You can hard reset the Sony Xperia L1 G3311 smartphone from the Backup & Reset section of the Settings app. Here is where to find it:

Hard resetting the Xperia L1 results in all data being wiped. You need to back up the data — photos, settings, app, et cetera — if you intend on restoring it once the guide is complete.

1. With the Sony Xperia L1 turned on, tap Settings > Backup & Reset.

2. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone.

3. Tap Erase everything.

The data will be wiped and the Xperia L1 will return to its factory state as it was when you opened it out of the box. This means you will need to restore the data you backed up previously if you want it back on your smartphone.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Sony Xperia L1 G3311 smartphone.