Android is an open-source operating system that allows you to install a custom ROM, but there is a correct way to install a custom ROM. You should always format the smartphone and its data before installing a custom ROM to ensure you do not brick the device. If people don’t have a smooth installation, it’s usually because they didn’t format the device first.

Formatting is what happens when you hard reset. But sometimes there are two things to format: the device itself and its data. You should not only format the device but its data as well. Both options may be available from the Recovery Mode menu.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Oppo A74 5G CPH2197 smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Oppo A74 5G CPH2197

You can hard reset the Oppo A74 5G CPH2197 smartphone from the Backup and reset section of the Settings app and ColorOS Recovery. We recommend a hard reset via ColorOS Recovery only when you cannot get access to the Settings app due to software issues. So here is how to hard reset via the Settings app first:

1. With the Oppo A74 turned on, tap Settings > Additional Settings.

2. Tap Back up and reset > Erase all data (factory reset).

3. Tap Erase all data.

4. Tap Erase data.

When the Android operating system restarts, it means the Oppo A74 is reset to its factory settings and its data has been wiped, aka it has been successfully hard reset. You need to set up the smartphone again and sign in to your Google account. If you need to reset your Google account password, you can use a desktop computer, visit, and then reset your password from the sign-in page.

As mentioned, there is a second method to hard reset the Oppo A74 smartphone via Recovery Mode.

1. With the Oppo A74 turned off, press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

2. Select your language.

3. Select Wipe data.

4. Enter your PIN code.

5. Select Format data > Format.

6. Select OK.

7. Select Reboot.

The Oppo A74 smartphone will reboot out of the ColorOS Recovery environment and back into the Android operating system. Once the Android operating system loads, you need to sign in to your Google account. You can reset the Google password by visiting on a desktop computer.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Oppo A74 5G CPH2197 smartphone.