Now that the big launch of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 has happened, Google is going to be making some changes to the services surrounding it to better suit what is happening. Unfortunately for some people this will cause a negative impact rather than a positive one, especially if you own the older firmwares and devices.

Today Google has announced that they will be dropping the support for one of its very first operating systems, the Android FroYo, a software that took up 2.2% of the ecosystem. Coincidentally, it is also named Android 2.2.

There’s not too many users can do about it because the update has happened in the Play Stores end, so it doesn’t give users the option of not updating and keeping what they have. It will just simply be cut off from working when you try. To go with that, Google services are now getting updated to version 4.0.

If you have any apps tied into the service, then they are going to stop working for you.

For other owners of the newer firmwares there’s plenty of good news for you guys because 4.0 will come with plenty of new stuff to use, including an enhanced popular maps app. Google Wallet is also now stock and there’s plenty of API upgrades.

Back in March of 2013 the Google Play 4.0 app was leaked into the wild for people to use.

Devices that were displayed on the pages have now been unified in an update yesterday. There were plenty of little things like this that happened which lead us to believe that something was going down very soon. Evident ally that has turned out to be true.

There was also a Play event which took place about a week ago from today. Following that the APK was leaked on the 27th of October.

Via: Google Developers Blog