We were told per sources earlier today that a good thing about Android 4.4 is that it will improve performance on the lower end devices. That gave us hope that it would also be coming to most of the lower end ones, however, it seems that is not going to be the case necessarily.

Reports are that KitKat won’t be going to the Nexus S or the galaxy Nexus, two devices that are now starting to get older.

It will, however, be on its way to the likes of the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 as an OTA update which can be downloaded.

If you own the benchmark Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One Google Play Edition you can also expect an immediate impact be made by Google to hook these devices up ASAP.

Look through Twitter now Matt Cutts has sent out a tweet stating that the 16 GB Nexus 5 is already sold out. He then proceeded to give a link to the 32 GB version which is still available. That must’ve sold it in roughly an hour and there has been no word on when you can expect to see it available again. If you have your heart set on the 16 GB one, I’m sure it won’t be too long until they will be taking orders again. How long the shipment will be, however, is another story all together.

Google has announced the update will come in the coming weeks via a notification and then a quick trip to your settings if you own any of the devices mentioned.

Anyhow, Jelly Bean was good, but nowhere near as good as our chocolate-based KitKat version coming. So far we know that 4.4 contains a faster ROM experience for the older devices such as galaxy Nexus and HTC Evo. In addition, it also runs much faster and smoother on the newer handsets while using less memory than Jelly Bean. Furthermore, it has voice commands using the famous ‘OK Google” phrase when it’s turned on, Quickoffice is included in the Google apps, contacts are prioritized, enhanced photo editor, enhanced caller ID, music album and movie cover art is accessed from the lock screen, tap and pay enhancements for NFC related services and more. There’s also my favorite Easter Egg included so far that I’ve played with in any Android version. To check it out head to the Settings and tap[ on the build number seven times or until it unlocks.