The ear buds were a feature we were aware of and stated in the last report, however, we did not know that they were for the Google Glass Music service which has just been launched today (my bad).

When the Glass wearer says Okay Glass, listen to it will pick up on any song that the user has listed inside of their Google Play Music library and play it for them, all in good quality sound from the new ear buds. The new ear pieces will come in a packet of 5 assorted colours for you to choose from — one for each weekday.

Further, when you are living in the time where the song is currently playing, you will be able to ask the Glass software what song you are listening to, and much like your favourite music programs on TV, it will come up with the name on the screen in front of your face. Incase that wasn’t enough to trigger your memory, it will also give the album cover so you can pin-point the time that you once heard it.

The news comes just months after Pauly D from Jersey Shore was featuring the Glass in a promo video. That was sooner followed by up Samsung filing patents on their version of the new eye-wear that would hopefully have what it takes to take on Google’s own pair.

The latest firmware update for the Glass brought along with it some music controls, but we were too silly enough to put two and two together. Now it’s understand what exactly that will be controlling.