Android 4.4 hasn’t been around for long, and there aren’t many things you can do to it by the way of modifications just yet. Furthermore, if you’re somebody who likes getting down and doing some hacking, you will be left disappointed even still because this tweak only involves installing an app from the Play Store and then you’re finished.

With all that said, battery displays are something that we all differ our opinions on where it should be shown and how it should read. If you’re anything like me and using a device that’s getting slightly on the older side now, then the battery display needs to be telling you the correct amount for it not to leave you high and dry due to it running out before you knew where to even look for your charger.

If you are somebody who would like it back in the settings bar next to the time then this tweak is one you will love. Once you have it installed, you can get rid of the app, and it will stay that way because of the nature of the tweak adjusting the configuration inside of the device. Whether it can be reverted back to the old way or not is a question I’m still searching for the answer to.

It manages to combine both a number for percentage, and the battery emptying like the traditional style all in the one picture. As soon as you look at the display of the battery you may notice a problem, though. The numbers are white and so is the battery amount. That means that when it gets down to where the number is (around 75-25%) it overlaps and you can’t really read what it is saying without holding it extra close to your face and using your brain to guess the rest of the letters. Not the best work for driving, but then again, you still have the amount to look at for a rough gauge.

Via: XDA-Developers forum