Australia and the US have a lot in common including a government that is very fond of each other. They celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day each year (the second Sunday in May) but when it comes to Fathers day, they change. Today was Father’s Day in the United States and to help celebrate the Mountain View company decided to release a new advertisement for Google Glass — the head-wear that nobody seems to like.

I was always skeptical of their success because people do not want tech attached to their faces all day. However, what I did not predict was the enormous up-raw of privacy concerns. It seems in today’s world privacy is the single most concern when assessing new gadgets and nobody wants Glass-holes peering down at them knowing that they might be recording video footage of what is around them. Technically there is no difference between it and a camcorder or smartphone that all have camera capabilities, but when it comes to Glass people are saying no thanks. I feel a bit sorry for Google here because recording is only one small feature that Glass can do, and their main appeal to Geeks is embedded far deeper than that. It seems like after they flopped people were trying to find a use for them, and a lot of publicity started coming for sports stars wearing them to record footage similar to what they do with a GoPro. Of course, now all of a sudden, this is all people think of when they think about Google’s eyewear.

Google Glass Father's Day

It seems to counter people’s opinions instead of hiding the fact that these glasses can record, Google are starting to make commercials help the cause. They show how it can be used within the confines of one’s own walls and when their own family is the center of attention and not outsiders that we don’t know from wearing them in public. I personally would have stood away from the whole camera idea and started to show what else they are good for because it seems like that flew right over many people’s heads. However, the ad does bring new meaning and should offer a new take on what this product is good for when it comes to taking recordings.

It shows a father swinging his children around. They vary in age from toddlers to nearly 10 as they all play in the backyard and around the home. It gives a sense of security because his daughters couldn’t care less about privacy, and they are more interested in living in the moment and happy that the Glasses are capturing some important memories.

There’s still time for Google’s new toy to develop some love and eventual success out in the wild. I think people are a bit uptight with their privacy and at the end of the day Social Media plays a huge role in today’s world and people don’t even have their profiles set on private for the most part, nor do they seem to care. Moreover, we are being encouraged to be more trustworthy and social online every day, you’ll even see my picture sitting in search results for every post I make and most authors who create in-depth content are the same.