If you don’t know Evleaks by now then you don’t know mobiles enough because they have grown into one of the biggest websites for leaked information about up and coming devices from Google, Apple and Microsoft. The way they contrive to do this is because people send in their leaks directly to them as if they are the place to go. That’s great for them, and luckily they don’t mind us sharing what we view from them so today we can scoop out the Gold Samsung Galaxy F in it’s first real leak in what appears as brushed gold metal.

The official name that was thrown out was ‘perfect gold’, and although we have heard the rumors of this handset since the very beginning of the year, we could never put a color or proper picture to its name. There’s still some back and forth about what its name is but as time goes by it is looking more and more like it will be the Samsung Galaxy F and not The prime S5 that many people are refusing to let go of today. Keep in mind that the better S5 name derives from the assumption that we knew a higher-end spec smartphone was coming out, and that’s the only reason that the name was being used.

Perfect Gold Galaxy F

If you take a close peek at the render, you will see some potential clues as to when this smartphone might come out and see its unveiling. Sammy has a history of doing this and here we have a date on the screen that says Wednesday, September 12 underneath the clock that displays the time of 12:45. Could this be the date and time of the launch? It has been the case in previous leaks, but not all.

We dished out another leak that was handed to Phone Arena last week and both photos show much thinner bezels on the sides of the display. We always see this design come in concepts and techno-thriller style movies, but we have never seen a company develop something so modern in real life partially do to reasons under the hardware that didn’t let them create it. I love the thinner bezel look and think it is a step in the right direction if we are going to make thing look more modern sooner and not later.

If the photo does turn out to the a newer S5 Prime that we see in the coming months, I will lose a lot of respect for Samsung and its current CEO JK Shin because I don’t think that its fair they didn’t announce it was coming. If I spent a lot of cash for the variant that just released on the 27th of March 2014 I would be upset. Many people own this smartphone now because their 2-year contract ran out, but there are also many people who bought it assuming it was the flagship device for 2014 under Sammy’s name and not just for a few months. There’s no doubt in my understanding that if they knew this handset was coming so quickly they would have just waited for it. Furthermore, Sammy has consistently denied any better S5 variant in the works so it would be very deceitful of them to then go ahead and show it. If they’re not willing to own up to it then obviously they are thinking the same way and appreciate where we are coming from here. It’s too early to judge now though, and all judgments will be cast aside until the official release happens, and we see what the South Korean multinational conglomerate company produce. If they do release a new device under a different name that has the 805 Snapdragon SoC and Quad HD display it will be unfortunate for the current S5 owners but I wouldn’t have a problem with that from a marketing perspective.

To serve as a refresher, we know that this Galaxy F comes with Android 4.4.3 KitKat and is decked out in an aluminium body. The display is 5.3-inches, it has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and extremely high pixel density of 554 ppi. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 system chip with a Quad core, 2700 MHz, Krait 450 processor and an Adreno 420 graphic processor. All that combined with 3072 MB RAM and 32 GB of built-in internal storage space, but that only leaves the end user with roughly 25 GB after 7 GB is used up by the Android OS. Notice how this is saving some space down from what we regularly witness in this area. The Android OS is known to take up at least 8 GB in the past. If you’re worried about memory, it isn’t a huge deal as long as you learn how to use the external storage options of MicroSD cards because they’re will be additional memory space available with this slot.

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