The folks out of the Googeplex are rolling out a newfangled update to the Google Drive service updating it to version 2.1. The Mountain View team are also in the middle of updating other services of theirs such as the Google Wallet and camera application. However, most of our readers are more intrigued by the Cloud Storage service since they never seem to have enough space on the Android smartphones and tablet. What’s more, the update is rolling over the air, but if you are not witnessing any signals just yet, you can download the official APK file from here to get started quicker.

If you are a regular reader and follow loads of our guides you should know that Drive offer a free storage service offer up to limited amounts of space. We seldom mention any other features. Today that all changes with the additional search functions, enhanced PDF reader and support for custom message sharing. According to popular Android blog Android Geeks, the Google team are deploying these changes into the software for people to grasp before we are hit with the Android 5.0 Lollipop software rolling out OTA starting with the Nexus range shortly. People want gradual change where applicable and not everything hitting them all at once. Since they are logistically both very much Google services, it only makes sense to cater for their people in such a manner.

Google Drive

The standout feature is the revised¬†search engine whereby users can begin typing a query and the search results will begin popping up almost in an “auto-fill’ type manner. The only alteration is we are talking about the results and not the searching word from the bar. The PDF reader equips readers with the ability to highlight and copy text, making it more than just a reader after all.

In addition to everything we mentioned, the Mountain View company will make changes to the application so that it has less lag, better performance and fewer bugs in the system. You can wait for the automatic update to arrive as a notification if you don’t want to make the effort of installing the file manually. However, remember that it isn’t necessarily coming your way today since there are so many people it must find.

You will find the 2.1.424.13.35 APK direct download links here and here.