We recently wrote about the Sony movies 8.0.A.0.4 update and today it’s time for the Sony Albums. The Japanese phone maker is releasing a series of small upgrades to many of their native services at once. With Albums, users can follow the steps listed below and equip themselves with a new¬†Welcome screen for PlayMemories Online, bug fixes, performance tweaks and an improved log in service.

In order to find the incremental update, first you must turn on your phone and tap on the application screen icon. Now find the option on the next screen that says “Update Centre” and tap the icon. Choose the Sony Album app that you wish to update and the newfangled version will be available inside. Furthermore, if you want to have the builds updating automatically when they are available you can do that too. Go back to the home screen, tap on the app icon, tap the Update Centre, press the menu key followed by the settings and tap the “allow automatic updates” option.

Xperia Z

The Majority of the Xperia Z series handsets will find this available including the original Z, Z2 and the Z3. The file size is 11.5 MB; therefore you won’t need the Home WiFi connection to finish the installment. However, we still recommend doing so to avoid the data traffic from other users downloading and installing the same matter as you. Additionally, users can install the file manually by picking up the APK file here.

Are you up-to-date and rolling with the innovative build number? Let us know in the comments what you think and if you found and if you found anything else we didn’t mention.