Google Chrome Beta 91.0.4472.38

The Beta channel has been updated to 91.0.4472.37/38 for Windows 92.0.4472.38 for Linux and Mac.

A full list of changes in this build is available below:

Incrementing VERSION to 91.0.4472.38

Change-Id: I2d56c72fd383b5ef8721a1cfdbb945dcd312c58c

Revert “Enable fake BackupRefPtr experiment”

This reverts commit e6af38993dc7e4b5f99389d924c274a73f77d9aa.

Reason for revert: Already triggered experimental build

Original change’s description:
Enable fake BackupRefPtr experiment

Bug: 1073933
Change-Id: If6ecdf5baf5993201595f058dfd9db25f25d4ca6

Bug: 1073933
Change-Id: Icdd5db2214924f61251875ddbff5612dc96cfd48

You should find this update rolls out to your browser automatically the next time you open it. However, you can also download the files for these updates and install them manually if you need to. There’s also the option of opening Google Chrome and heading to the three-dotted Settings and more link in the top left corner and then clicking on Help > About Google Chrome, and then Chrome will search for the update right away.

What’s new in Chrome 91:

Chrome 91 allows web applications to start up automatically once you have signed in to your Google account in the browser and right-clicked on the app icon.

Moreover, Chrome 91 also allows you to copy and paste files into a webpage. For instance, if you are replying to an email, you no longer need to click on the attachment icon to add a document. While that same option still exists, you also get the option now to copy the document from File Explorer and then paste it into the message, meaning your parents shouldn’t need to call you to the computer nearly as often now as they have more ways to have created a successful attachment.

Additionally, if you use websites that have several domain extensions, you will now be able to have your credentials saved for each of those domains, For instance, in the case of Google, it would mean no matter what country’s version of Google you wish to browser, each one would give you the option of saving your username and password. For a website to offer this, they would need to add an asset links JSON file.

Another standout feature of Chrome 91 is the option to follow a website. Similar to the old Google RSS Reader, you can now use Chrome’s menu to select whether you would like to follow a website. Any new content from such a website would then appear in a “Following” section of the browser.

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