Today, when I opened my app store application on my iPhone, I was welcomely startled to see Globo, a World clock app, surface inside of the “best new apps” part from the featured menu. Developer Marco Torretta has released an update to one of our favourite Time Zone apps available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, shifting it up to version 1.1. It marks the third update since its early announcement and this one are by far the most significant, consisting of ten new and refined features over the last version.

We have already extensively reviewed Globo and gone over the ins and outs of what it does and how it operates. After using it for a brief stint, we could not talk more highly of it, and I even had some admirable things to say about it that had it ahead of World TimeZlider in my opinion. Looking back today, I am finding it hard to pick between the two because I adore the two of them so much. The original point I made about how Globo offers a little bit more still does enough to separate itself and makes it a useful development unlike any other we can find.


Globo has done even more to distance itself away from other traditional world clock apps by adding support for weather so there’s no place around the world you cannot check the temperature for. I look forward to seeing if Marco has also included an option to view this in its native format. For example, in Australia we use Celsius and in the United States they use Fahrenheit. A fresh thought for a forthcoming update would be to introduce a feature that manages to transform the two of them so the people on one side of the planet who don’t know how to read the other can do so when they please.

There’s a lot of extra operating in this update than weather, however. Marco has also included a new settings screen that comes with a range of new options on it such as time format, sorting and more. There’s also a calendar now for alarms and in traditional iPhone style, you can now pinch the screen to close existing clocks.

Globo is a word that has steady competition, and because of that, this app does not rank at the top of Google like you usually see when typing in the name of most others. That’s a shame since it indicates he will be fighting to get as much traffic as he deserves, so go out and support this app if it looks like it’s something you are interested in trying. Hopefully being featured in on the front page by Apple in its store has done wonders.

Globo is available for $0.99 on the app store.