After the world noticed the success puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga have had recently, there has been no shortage in similar Match-3 puzzle games coming out after it. Garden Mania is another one of them that does a lot of the same things as Candy Crush. If you did not have good eyesight you could be excused for thinking you were looking at the same app from a distance due to its related graphics. The screens are both very bright and colourful much like all the cloned applications are, but instead of the candy you have tomatoes, carrots, lemon, lime and some other fruit and vegetables that grow in the garden or trees in the ground.

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At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with a cloned game. In many respects, people enjoy finding games that are similar to the original one that they enjoyed. Often the developers of the original app will not enjoy it but from a player’s standpoint it is satisfying and gratifying finding games that remind you of the classic game you used to love.

Garden Mania is aesthetically pleasing, and the fruit is cute enough for you to want to squeeze the juice out of them. It offers complete levels — over 100 of them — to keep you playing without it ending too soon, and it now has been given some performance upgrades and bug fixes in this 1.3.0 version that makes it a better option to download and install than the last edition. If you are running out of space on your Smartphone or tablet then you also be pleased to know that a fix to help optimize memory use is added this time.

Garden mania Saga is made by the same developers that made the hit games Bubble Bird Rescue and Save My Bird. You can download the new version from here at the Google Play Store. This update came in on the sixth of march and was 12MB in size. So far this application has over 1 million downloads. It is free to install, but it offers in-app purchases that will cost money if you choose to go down that path.