Whether you use your email for business or personal needs, getting unwanted and sometimes annoying emails from strangers are a serious matter of concern. Therefore, the question is what anyone can do to get the details of the sender. Reverse email lookup can just help you with the matter.

1.Start with finding the sender’s location

Open the header of the mail that you have received and then look for an IP address on the line that says “Received: From.”

Once you find out the IP, then search the same on this website, and you should be able to get enough data about the location of the sender.

Use the following steps to view headers on Gmail.

Log into the Gmail account.

Open the mail that you have received.

On the left-hand side next to reply, click on more and then open, “show original.”

The complete header will open in a new tab.

Use the following steps to view headers on Hotmail.

Open your Windows Live Hotmail account.

Right, click and open the message from the list.

From the menu, open ” view source.”

Use the following steps to view headers on Yahoo.

Sign into your Yahoo account.

Open the mail you want to check.

Click on the full headers from the top of your mail.

The whole headers will be shown above the mail text.

2.Find the details of the sender of the email through Facebook
Facebook provides a “search by email” which is not available on most social networking websites. Facebook allows searching a person only with an email. If the person had created a Facebook profile with the same email account searching with the email address would return the Facebook profile where you can get many details.

3. Search other social networking sites as well

You can check the Knowem website that would help you search for usernames, and the website will let you know if there are same usernames found on other social networking websites.

4. Doing a People Search

Websites like Email Search Tool can look for the names of persons that belong to the email address provided for the search. It is one of the simplest ways for reverse email lookup.

You can also visit websites like Spokeo and Pipl that has an extensive database of email addresses, which can give you details of email addresses by carrying out a simple search on these websites.
These simple ways of reverse email lookup would certainly help you get details of a stranger irritating you by sending unnecessary mails.