The big competitor to the Apple iOS, Android is growing day by day and so the utilities to expand its coverage are getting into the market. BlueStacks, a new tool that is recently launched, allows you to run OR play the Android Apps and Games on your Windows PC.

Later, you were able to access the Android Apps and Games only on Android mobiles and Android Tablets, so there was no option to play them on your PC. Now, things have changed, and you can run almost all the apps and play all the games on your Windows PC with BlueStacks software.

BlueStacks is a new tool created for PC users so they can play mobile apps and games on their PC. With Fast and Full-Screen support, you can run those small screen games on your bigger PC monitor. It increases the experience level and lets you enjoy the fantastic, thrilling actions in the 3D games, which you didn’t enjoy on the small screen of your mobile.

Another cool feature of BlueStack is, Cloud Connect. Cloud Connect allows you to push your Android Apps as well as Games to the BlueStacks software. Say you have loads of apps and games on your device and don’t want to download them again just for BlueStacks, then you can run those by pushing them to cloud connect.

If you have never experienced Android and want to have some good apps preloaded, then BlueStacks has it. It comes with ten preloaded apps, which you can use directly after installing the BlueStacks. These apps allow you to learn how the things work in the BlueStacks, so you can go further to get some new apps and games. In addition to preloaded apps, you can install up to 26 new apps on BlueStacks, as the Premium version is under construction, you have to be in this limit. You can download BlueStacks for Free using the link given below.

Download: BlueStacks for Windows

BlueStacks fully supports Windows 7 OS, and you can run it without any problem. The Mac version of BlueStacks hasn’t released, so if you’re a Mac user, then you have to wait till the BlueStack for Mac launches.

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