Samsung now more than ever has smartphones coming with unlocked bootloaders. Often this is not the choice of Samsung but rather the phone carriers Samsung relies on for sales. The bootloader has always been an interesting topic for Samsung device owners who look to customize their devices. We are told that before you can customize you must unlock the bootloader. However, there have also been one-click rooting tools that can get root access such as CF-Auto-Root. The reason for this is because genius tools like CF-Auto-Root would unlock the bootloader for you during the flashing process; CF-Auto-Root would install a modified recovery image and then clean up its own work and restore the original one before it finished, too.Samsung Galaxy A50

The following tutorial demonstrates how to unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy A50 smartphone.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 Bootloader

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is OEM unlocked, meaning it is easy to unlock the bootloader. Here is how it is done:


  • Make sure you accept any software updates before unlocking the bootloader.
  • Install the Odin flashing tool on your desktop computer.
  1. On the smartphone, navigate to Settings > About Phone and tap on the build number six times or until you see the message “You’re now a developer.”
  2. From Settings, open Developer Options and tap on enable OEM unlocking.
  3. Open the Odin flashing tool to tether the Galaxy A50 through USB-C.
  4. Turn off the Galaxy A50 and reboot to Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Volume Up buttons while connecting the USB-C cable to the computer.
  5. Now press the Volume Up button to unlock the bootloader.

You may now want to install some custom ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

In conclusion, that is how to unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy A50 smartphone.