The release of iOS 7 beta 1 was long-awaited, however, it disappointed many. Even arguably the most popular iOS hacker in Pod2G felt the need of a rant on Twitter about how lackluster it was, much to my amusement. If my memory serves me correct, lines such as “No big news, just kids painting” were used to describe the overall feel. Then getting down to the specifics, Pod2g had this to say “iOS 7 design is awful, it’s slow, battery life, time has been the worst ever, it’s full of UI bugs and crashes”.

It’s fair to say Apple had a fair bit of work to do after the first iOS 7 release. Many are announcing that has been the case after they starting using the Beta 2 version. That is if you are signed up to the developer center, of course, as you will need to be to get your hands on this version. There is one exception to that this time around. If you already have it installed on a test device, you can also find it coming over the air into the settings of other devices that are assigned to your account.

What does this version come with? You can expect to find the usual improvements and bug fixes inside.

To download it, simply head over to the developer center and make an account. If you already have the account it should automatically roll out into your settings as an option to install on other devices.

This update has also been announced for the iPad and iPad mini models.