Did you buy the new iPhone 5C? If so, you may have also bought — or are thinking of buying — a new case to go along with it. There has been a specially made range of cases that have round holes in the back of it. They are also colored like the phone itself and let you see through parts of the case to your colored phone underneath. A completely different idea that went well with Apple’s bright theme idea.

Believe it or not, this year was the first time there was any type of official casing release by Apple. All others have been aftermarket pieces. And it really shows this time around too, because it just meshes so well with the device.

Good looks weren’t the only thing the case had going for it either according to this new app called Flipcase.

Flipcase have managed to make a game out of it and release it as an application available from the app store. From our knowledge, it’s the first app to do anything of the sort.

Essentially, it’s a bit like playing connect four, but with the holes in your iPhone. It is a multi-player game only because there’s no point competing against yourself.

Once you download the application it will give you a set of detailed instructions along with a video clip to show how it works. You use the app on the screen by tapping the icon and opening it up and turn the case around so that it sits on top of the screen instead of the back of the phone like it normally would be sitting. Through one of the holes will be the OK button and away you go. The colors will now come on the screen.

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