We knew this new game was coming; we wrote about it when it was first announced back in late August. The special thing about this car racing game was that they were doing a collaboration with Red Bull’s help — the team who is currently dominating the pinnacle of Motorsport and has done so for about 5 years now. They are also bringing up a driver who is up there with the all-time greats, Sebastian Vettel after he won his fourth world title in a row.

The original article did come with a brief trailer, but there wasn’t much for the clip, nowhere near as much as this one anyway.

Mario Kart was the first game that brought the idea of cartoon animation looks to an unrealistic driving game coupled with weapons to fire. Its success saw many others follow in its path as they all tried to copy it. Mod-Nation being another name that immediately comes to mind. F1 Racing Stars did a game earlier in the year, which was a similar thing but in the F1 cars.

Angry Birds Go! Essentially does very much of the same thing, but there is no reason it won’t be successful. In actual fact, I’m expecting it to have lots of success and I can’t wait to try it out myself.

One of the things that was wrong with Mario Kart was that it was too short of a game. You get to know all the tracks, race them in all different classes and literally within 24 hours the game is finished. Now I’m not saying this game is necessarily going to be longer, but it will have all new tracks to play, which will be great.

If I was to try to fault it, taking a quick look at the new trailer, the cars used seem less than aerodynamic, which has me worried. Very worried about how serious a racing game this was developed as. Hopefully it isn’t just for the very young people because that would be a real shame. Don’t Angry Birds know that people in their 20’s and 30’s enjoy their antics too?

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