AirDroid for Android has just been updated to version The update brings in a solution to the IP address problem that many users were experiencing; it would get stuck on loading without getting through. You can now expect those problems gone.

AirDroid is the nifty app that gives Android users the ability to load all of their mobile data on the desktop web browser and sort it from there. To use it, all downloads will need firmware of 2.1 Eclair or above to make it work. Not only does it let you sort everything, but you can also run features too. Having an online SMS text conversation with this app is doable. There is also no need to have a USB cable to work it. It is capable of doing everything without it, even if the Smartphone or tablet isn’t near the computer.



The old version also made its users sign in to reconnect. There is now an option for it to remember the user instead.

In addition to this, the photo which appears next to the person is updated with a new look.

Download: AirDroid for Android