In just about all Windows operating systems that are known to date, one of the handiest tips one could know was that pressing and holding the Ctrl key down would allow you to select numerous items at once as you highlight them all—it’s a great tip if you want to bulk delete files, for example, because all you had to do then was hit the delete key once and they were all gone.

Though one of the recent struggles people have had when using the Windows operating system is when combining the Ctrl + mouse click to select multiple items, it doesn’t select them but rather just shows a new message that says¬†“no text could be retrieved” and a few icons to go along with it.

If you are suffering from this problem, you might be running an application called “Textify.” If you delete the Textify app, it’ll then go back to its usual ways of allowing the selection of more than one item when you press the Ctrl key and then you can highlight them with the mouse.

To check for and delete applications in the Windows 10 operating system, navigate to the Start menu > Settings app > Apps (Or “System” if you’re using an older version) > Apps and features and then scroll down the right side pane until you find the application that you’re looking for.

Not really looking to delete the Textify app? Small problems such as these can often be fixed by the developers when they update the applications, although when that’ll be is anyone’s guess. You’re better off deleting the application for now and then installing it again later, roughly in a few weeks or months, and hopefully an update to the app has solved the problem.