The YouTube application is updated to version 5.6.36 for all devices running Android that can access the popular video sharing site owned by Google.

Nowadays there might not be a website I visit as often as I do YouTube. It performs a crucial role in not only providing me music videos, sports player reviews and movie trailers, but also lots of great advice about up and coming devices being released that I can listen to. It helps with giving me something other than reading to do all day. Like me, I am sure you too can get a lot out of YouTube and that is seeing further enhancements even more today with this release of this update.

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As far as details go we have to be brief this time around because the famous Mountain View company out of California have not issued a change-log. It is these logs that release that we usually read, comprehend and then put into words you can understand to help you know what the updates entail. When a few more days roll by we can gather some information from our own experience and other readers experiences with the changes they have noticed. If you are one of those humanities that can help, by all means, please leave a comment and tell us if there is any new feature. As of now, we are going to assume this update involved mainly bug fixes and possible performance tweaks to make it better.

The last time we saw an update to YouTube was over a month ago now back in April. It brought with it some great features that were centered around improved video and mixing automatic playlists. Also in April we found out that its music streaming service was delayed until Q2.

Download YouTube v5.6.36 for Android here. The operating system requirements change depending on what device you use. If you are finding that the app does not work for you then navigate to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update and check for any updates.