There’s many instant messenger applications out there that work fantastically when communicating on the same platform for free. However, when it comes to trying to message a friend using a native app on another type of smartphone it is arduous to do. That’s where WhatsApp comes into play. WhatsApp is not a native app that comes with Windows Phone, Android or iPhone, but it is available for all three types from the respective app stores. From there, users can text each other for no cost no matter what type of smartphone you have. Even Mark Zuckerberg saw it’s potential and acquired the popular IM company.

Anyhow, WhatsApp 2.11.355 is a new APK version that users can download from the website or as the APK file. The application is not new to updates. Furthermore, we have covered a lot of them, and the common theme throughout most is bug fixes. However, we have witnessed big transformations over the past few months and this new APK comes with numerous features making it an upgrade worth installing.


In the new version people can enable Hindi, increase the message history length, share and save profile picture and group icons, access unread messaged from the home screen, insert video thumbnails in chat that are larger, help pay your mates subscription fees and much more. In addition to all the new features, there is a fix for the flag emoji for Sony-based handsets and a fix for the Galaxy Note 3 recording volume.

Those of you looking to learn more about the file will want to know that the size is 16 MB, it is licensed as freeware and has received many positive votes so far from comments left on other blogs and websites. Nearly half a million people are running the new version we have here. That number is set to increase over the coming weeks as more people learn about its existence.

Thus far in August, we have learned that WhatsApp has 600 million active users and supports Android Wear. Moreover, earlier in the year we watched it be banned in Iran, go missing from the Windows Phone store and the servers suffer from several outages.