Sony offer a superb TrackID application that is available from the Google Play store for download that enables users to view song data for identification. Today, the official Track ID app is updated to version 4.0.B.6.0 and it enhances the experience by adding Android ear functionality. Android Wear is this year smartwatches from manufacturers such as Sony, Motorola and Samsung. However, you must use the corresponding brand of watch along with the smartphone for them to work.

Sony smartwatch 2

In addition to Wear support. the app comes with a brand new user interface, Facebook and SEN sync support, optimized recognition speed and more. Furthermore, there’s bug fixes and extra enhancements that make it outshine the last version. The new iteration is available direct from Google Play here.

When I was a kid growing up we would watch a music TV show called “Rage” on ABC. It only shows the song artist once at the beginning and if you happen to miss that screen you can’t work out who the artist is playing. If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation then you surely will benefit from downloading this application. Many radio stations will only announce the name was too and that’s frustrating.

If you want to sync your applications for backups you can use helium for Android also available from the same store. Backups are not required since we do not predict data loss from situation such as these. However, the option is there if you need.