If you have a computer that runs on the Windows operating system, then chances are you already have heard of the USB Drivers. The Drivers are what the Windows operating system has been programmed to require when you want to connect the Samsung Galaxy On8 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and do things like access data from SD card or run flashing tools with the device connected for developing purposes.

If you have a smartphone that runs on Android software and it is made by one of the more popular OEMs or manufacturers in the world, then you can quickly install the USB Drivers by using the Universal Windows ADB Driver.

Samsung Galaxy On8

Developed by Koushik Dutta, the Universal Windows ADB Driver, is available to install the USB Drivers for Samsung devices, Sony devices, HTC devices and many other OEMs around the world.

What’s more, the file itself is really easy to install on the computer, and it doesn’t come with any other programs when you install it which means you don’t use up lots of unnecessary space on the computer. That means you get to have the right USB Drivers installed on the computer that works for your device and the computer still gives the best performance it can because all you have installed extra is the driver file itself.

Downloading the Samsung Galaxy On8 USB Drivers for Windows PCs

1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer and then click on the file above the taskbar after it finishes downloading.

2. Once you do, it opens up the beginning of the setup wizard. Check to see that you don’t have the Samsung Galaxy On8 smartphone connected to the computer with the USB cable before proceeding.

3. Click on the Next button at the bottom of the screen when that is done.


4. Click on the Browse button if you want the opportunity to change the location of the ADB Driver being stored on the computer or leave it if you are satisfied with the default setting the program has chosen for you which is the Program Files location.

5. Choose to share the file between Everyone or Just Me from the boxes below depending on if you want everyone who on the computer has an account to be able to access the file or just keep it available for the account you are logged into now.

6. Click on the Next button once you have made your selections.


7. Click on the Next button to confirm the installation and then it begins installing on the computer.


8. Wait for the progress bar to reach the other side of the screen and then you can see the screen automatically changes.


9. Click on the Close button from the Installation Complete screen to close the setup wizard and begin using the ADB Driver on the computer.


That is everything you need to install the USB Drivers for the Samsung Galaxy On8 smartphone on a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system. You can connect the Samsung Galaxy On8 device to the computer with its USB cable now and expect the USB Drivers to be automatically working and bridging the connection between the mobile device and computer when you want to use things like flashing tools or transfer data from the SD cards.