Thanks to a team of hackers out of China known as Pangu, we now have a public untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 — two of the latest reviews of software to develop out of the Cupertino area. I say public because it’s a known fact that other hackers such as Yeongjin, Winocm and i0n1c have separate jailbreaks already, but they did not choose to release them to the public for unknown reasons. Some stipulate that it is for the good of the people because they haven’t managed to make it without vulnerabilities.

Stefan Esser, who is i0n1c, has tweeted many times over the past 24 about his displeasure with the current situation. He claims that team Pangu were his students and that they made this jailbreak off an exploit he already knew about, but it wasn’t good enough. Esser claims that it is nothing more than a ‘bug’ that people are installing at the moment. Keep in mind that this is all merely Stefan talking here, and we haven’t heard any people having troubles with the new jailbreak not working. However, his rant hasn’t ended there.

iOS 7 untethred jailbreak

Yesterday we received the information regarding that Pangu does come with a China app store, and it does bring illegal items with it plus a lot of piracy most likely. For that reason, I was reluctant to write about it knowing how much flack team Evasion, and in particular P0d2g copped last year when he attempted to make some money from the Chinese app store before the world turned on him and said he is a sellout. P0d2g then decided to remove the Chinese app store that came preinstalled and said that he didn’t accept any money from them.

That hasn’t stopped a group of Essars students from signing up to his course, learning an exploit from him and then taking the money from the Chinese themselves and that has left Stefan very update. With the apps on board, it still isn’t that bad a deal for everyday people like you or me who can avoid all the bad, or so we thought. Yesterday they also stated that while it does come with the Chinese app store, it does not send any malware with it. That’s a curious point to say isn’t it?

According to Esser it does have a lot of Chinese malware on the jailbreak, and he wishes all of his following on Twitter much fun with all of it when they install Pangu. He then goes on to say his students are nothing more than thieves.

Pangu works for iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c iPad 2 or later, iPad Air and iPad mini devices. It needs to see iOS 7.1 or iOS 7.1.1 software for it to work.

I’ve run through all of the stories that I have learned so far with you from here. There’s limited ambiguity in my mind that this new tool comes made shadily and purely to make money. However, the politics inside of why others refuse to go public and keep us from having a jailbreak may stem much deeper than just simply they couldn’t do it responsibly. As far as I’m corned I’m not on anyone side until things are more defined further as to why we are constantly waiting so long for a public release, but so called students who sat a few classes can release something that seems in perfect pecking order. If you don’t mind the prospect of some malware along the way then download this package at your own risk.

The link you need to visit is, and once you land on the page, it will show you what to do. As I mentioned previously in the full tutorial on how to setup the jailbreak on your Apple mobile devices, this is only made for Windows-based PCs right now because more people use them. In the time, we do anticipate the release to work in conjunction with Mac OS X but it is not readily today. If you can’t get hold of Windows hold off a while longer because it will be coming for Mac. Hopefully, it isn’t too far away because I also report on Apple news frequently and according to reports we are all expecting iOS 8 coming out as soon as next month. That will make this jailbreak updated before too long although we will have to live through the waiting phase all again so it isn’t as notably advanced as it may seem.

If you are managing the iPhone 4 then there’s no hurry for you because the new iOS 8 won’t be compatible for you to use in any event. You can afford to wait for one of the other three developers to release something of more quality. We’ve been shown already i0n1c has a break called Cyberelevat0r, and it works a treat open the video he released. The only predicament is that like I said before, there is no arrangement made for us (yet).

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