Another year is here, and another jailbreak tool is at the helm and not without its critics either. This year it is team Pangu who made themselves famous by releasing a jailbreak tool publicly that the world could use for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 firmware versions that give them a full untethered experience, so it doesn’t have to reapply after every boot. For some people that tether isn’t a big issue because they hardly ever turn their smartphone and tablets off anyhow but for others it is way too much bother to handle, so they only wait for the untethered variant. Untethered is so popular these days that people don’t even talk about anything else.

Anyhow, we know Apple hate jailbreaks and the parliaments around the world have a troublesome time deciding on whether it should or shouldn’t be allowed. It can be a gateway to illegal activity more-so than them having any issues with developers making additional applications that make money away from Apple’s own app store. I think we have all come to an agreeance that after we pay for a device then the rest is out of Apple’s hands if we wish to give extra money elsewhere for custom apps and ROM options.

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That was performed even worse last year when team Evasi0n tried to monetize their work by releasing the tool with a Chinese app store that allegedly came with lots of malware and illegal apps. It was enough to send the world into a spiral and most people who have been avid supporters of jailbreaks for all the right reasons did a gigantic face palm as they knew things were about to get ugly. Personally I don’t blame Pod2g for attempting to find a way to make capital on the side because he deserves it, but it has to be above board and legal.

While all this is going on a handful of Chinese Students decided to spend money and sit in on a class that Stefan Esser teachers so they can learn how to find exploits and come up with a new tool of their own. Can anybody see what is about to happen here? 12 months on and those same students release a public jailbreak called Pangu that has (supposedly) the same Chinese app store with illegal apps and malware on it, but they are more than happy to take the money that Evasi0n turned down.

For the most part, Pangu worked well, and thousands of people successfully installed it and had a working jailbreak tool they were happy about (as long as you un-tick the box, so it doesn’t install the China store), and it only installs Cydia. However, like most tools, it hasn’t come without it’s bugs and one in particular is called the PPSync after it has caused many issues. Thankfully it is just an application and the PPSync app can be removed, and the problem fixed very easily. The problem people are facing is stock app crashes and PPSync is a tool that enables unauthorized access to applications. There is a struggle between the two and until a better solution comes you can just use this to fix the problem.

 How To Remove PPSync To Fix Crashes Involved With The Pangu Jailbreak Tool

1. Open the Cydia app

2. Tap on the sources

3. Tap the edit key in the top right side.

4. tap the add button in the top left side.

5. Add this repo:

6. Click to refresh Cydia

7. Search for the tweak called ‘Complete PPSync Remover’ and continue with the installation.

8. After it is working, it will remove the problematic PPSync files.

That’s it! Pangu will be working like a glove again until you encounter a different bug. Hopefully, you don’t find any more! Be sure to check back in for more solutions and other ideas once we find any other issues.

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