Since Evad3rs came out with the iOS 6 jailbreak last year all eyes have been on them when looking into the future of exploits for current builds. They stated before that they would not be working on the latter releases on iOS 6 firmware any more and instead they would focus on the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Then Apple released iOS 7 and many didn’t like it. Moreover, the new firmware wasn’t compatible with all the devices because the old ones couldn’t handle the new type of animation graphics required.

iOS 6 Winocm

Team Evad3rs had recently dished out news confirming that progress is looking good for the iOS 7 jailbreak and you can upgrade to the 7.0.2 without having to worry because they have that covered. But what about those looking for an iOS 6 jailbreak?

Thanks to a hacker that goes by the name of, Winocm, there is not only new hope, but also an estimated time of arrival, issued for it to be coming to the iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 firmwares.

The OTA given has been before 2014. Given that we are already into October and Q4 of 2013, that would mean it will be coming within 11 weeks from now. We could also probably chip out the last week of the year, because that would be well into the festive season, which would be hard to image too much work going on then. With that in mind, it’s safe to say within at least 10 weeks from now.

Presumably this would be the fully untethered jailbreak and not just the tethered version which is already available from other sources.

Update: Apple has invited Winocm to join the team and become an employee of the Cupertino company. After this year he will join Apple and we all know how much they dislike a jailbreak. There is no information from either party leaked about what their job might be, but being a hacker requires expertise inside of the security scene. It’s possible Winocm is going to help the fruit company’s security instead of finding exploits for it like he did on the outside. Every time the Apple company takes away one of the genius masterminds it hurts the jailbreak community because they are now one great mind down on what they were before. Jailbreaks don’t bring in large quantities of money, and working for the tech giant does which is always what makes them change jobs. There’s also no shame in working for one of the most historic companies in the tech space.

(Source: winocm)

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