Today was the release of Apple’s iOS 7, which Tim Cook called the biggest change in use since its original release. You can get the low down, as well as all the direct links to the IPSW right here. When I mentioned the biggest change, that is about visibility and usability; basically, the new operating system in its entirety is sublimely different to what we have seen in the past, including the likes of iOS 6. Apple calls it “the mobile OS from a whole new perspective”, and it’s hard to argue with that.

iOS 7

The new Apple firmware also comes with a plethora of new features too! There sre mixed reports with how well the launch of iOS 7 has been so far. When giving users such a big change in technological environments, that is probably expected to happen. However, it isn’t just about who finds it useful and good to use. There are conflicting reports with just how well it actually works. One person in particular that I know of is reporting issues with it becoming very slow, especially when attempting to make a call. Moreover, the functionality between apps is being a pain. Others are calling it extremely smooth and swift, with the functionality being nothing short of fantastic.

At this point in time, it may vary simply on a case-to-case scenario which makes updating somewhat of a gamble. There are also reports of iOS 7.0.1 already being pushed out to some places as of now. For some, that will be hard to believe at this stage, with the real first build only coming to us less than 24 hours ago, and we don’t have any official reports on the matter. What we do know, however, is that Apple most certainly are working on an extra roll out of the 0.1 and it is way ahead of schedule. This should cut any uncertainty with upgrading.

Apple releases a new iPhone every 12 months, and that time are always over the summer holiday period in the United States of America. That much is understandable. We all know they are making huge changes this year also, so it is almost expected to have some issues. Because of this, it is no real surprise that some people are experiencing some issues, even when some of the experts will tell you the last build is coming to us almost faultless.

iOS 7 download links for all compatible devices:

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