Under 48 hours ago, Apple released iOS 7 to the public. That is the real-time when it has begun rolling out to the public and not finished by any means. In fact, there are still many people awaiting it to arrive in their settings panel.

There have been many reports from those who did manage to install it already, because it had arrived in their settings, about some functionality issues; mainly coming from lockups, freezes and compatibility issues. It seems Apple saw this coming and they knew their biggest change in iOS since ’07 had some issues it needed ironing out.

iPhone 5S

In a desperate move to try to solve some of the consumer panic, Apple managed to release iOS 7.0.1 to the public today. Again, this roll out will only begin taking effect now and could be many days ahead until you see it in your device settings as it travels around the globe.

There is another option, though, and that is to update your iDevice manually from the direct links below; depending on what device you have.

Yesterday we received word that Apple has worked on the 7.0.1 already, but few were expecting a release this quick. It was also reported that the Cupetrino company were already working on another iOS 7.0.2 release for the weeks ahead so stay tuned for that.

For now, this 0.1 update will hopefully come with some stability improvements for your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C if it has experienced some issues. There is no current word on when another upgrade will be hitting the likes of the iPad or the iPod touch just yet.

Those of you wondering what is happening on the Jailbreak front: there is no official word on how to act just yet. Many of the developers have been fairly upset with how poorly iOS 7 has been put together and they may have predicted this rather quick update on a somewhat unusable the firmware version. That means, if I was to guess, you probably could update and expect a jailbreak for the future releases instead.

Direct >iOS 7.0.1 Download Links

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