USB Drivers are essential for when we are connecting out Android-based smartphones, tablets and phablets to the computer. Without up-to-date drivers that are working we can’t access the phones content from the computer, or perform many tasks such as using the Odin tool for Samsung, Sony flash tool and countless other tools associated with each individual manufacturer. The HTC One A9s smartphone is just another one of HTC’s devices that runs on a version of the Android operating system. If you ever want to connect the Android operating system to a computer that runs on Windows, the computer needs to have the valid USB Drivers installed on it first before you can go ahead and do things like developing.

There can be numerous ways to get the USB Drivers installed on the computer for your device and the manufacturers usually try to get you to install something that is a program for many other things that have nothing to do with just installing the USB Drivers which is annoying because you don’t want to fill your computer up with programs that take up a lot of space and are of benefit to HTC but not yourself.

HTC One A9s

The way around that problem is by installing the Universal Windows ADB Driver. The ADB Driver comes with the USB Drivers for the HTC smartphones, and the file is only a fraction of the size of programs that manufacturers often try to get you to install instead.

Downloading the HTC One A9s USB Drivers for Windows PCs

1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer and then click on the file once it finishes downloading directly above the taskbar.

2. Check that you don’t have the HTC One A9s smartphone connected to the computer and then click on the Next button.


3. Click on the Browse button if you want to change the folder location that the Universal Windows ADB Driver will be stored or skip it if you don’t have a preference and would prefer using the default settings.

4. Click on the Just Me box if you would prefer having the ADB Driver available for the account you are using now or leave it on the Everyone box if you want to share it with all accounts that are associated with the computer.


5. Click on the Next button from the Confirm Installation screen, and the installation of the ADB Driver then begins.


6. Wait for the progress bar to complete.


7. Click on the Close button when you get to the Installation Complete screen.

In conclusion, that is how to download and install the USB Drivers for the HTC One A9s smartphone so you can do developing on the computer and transfer data. You can connect the HTC One A9s smartphone to the computer now and expect the USB Drivers to start working immediately.