If you have a mobile phone that runs on Android and you have a computer that runs on Windows, then you have no choice but to make sure that the computer has the USB Drivers installed on it or else the USB cable isn’t going to be able to bridge the connection between the computer and device.

The Android operating system can easily get this problem solved by installing the Universal Windows ADB Driver that is available from Koushik Dutta. You probably already know the name as the guy who is behind the ClockworkMod Recovery—the world’s first reliable custom recovery image that also took the world by storm only later to be outshone by Team Win’s TWRP which is an open source custom recovery image developed by many.

HTC Desire 830

The Universal Windows ADB Driver has the USB Drivers on it for the HTC Desire 830 smartphone, and the package is only a small one, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the computer like some of the other programs that OEMs prefer you install to get the drivers installed instead. There are a few ways you can get the USB Drivers installed, and it doesn’t matter what way you choose. The method we always prefer is just downloading something light that doesn’t include manufacturers flashing tool program to go with it because it takes up less space on the computer and thus doesn’t hurt the performance.

Downloading the HTC Desire 830 USB Drivers for Windows PC

1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver for the HTC Desire 830 smartphone on the computer and then open the file once the download completes.

2. Check that you don’t have the HTC Desire 830 smartphone connected to the computer or the USB cable and then click on the Next button to begin the setup wizard.


3. Click on the Browse button and then choose where you want the computer to store your file or leave it as the default option.

4. Choose whether you would prefer sharing the ADB Driver with all accounts that are created on the computer or just restrict it to the account you are using now.

5. Click on the Next button after you have made your selections.


6. Confirm the installation of the Universal ADB Driver by clicking on the Next button.


7. Wait for the progress bar to reach the other side of the screen.


8. Wait for the Installation Complete message to show up on the display and then click on the Close button at the bottom.


In conclusion, that is how to download and install the HTC Desire 830 smartphone so you can connect to the computer with the USB cable and start doing some developing. All data should be able to be transferred to and from the device and all applications running on the computer should now read your device.