You might remember last year when the Mountain View company announced that Google reader is being laid to rest officially. Many needed to hear it from Google’s official blog post themselves to properly come to grips with the outcome. While being careful to steer clear of any naming patents, there is a new unofficial reader that is made for Android devices that are constructed to be the best imitation possible and many are voting it as exactly that.

Nearly one year on from that time in our lives the gReader has been updated to version namely 3.7 and it is being heralded as the King of RSS readers according to their Google Play Store page. The developer who makes this app is called noinnion and although it is no Google themselves has had created many other successful applications that are also worth checking out if you have the time. A couple of names worth a mention is EverClip and Feedly. You can view them all from the download link below.



There ‘re oodles in this update that is worth mentioning. The first is the new themes available in blue and green. The paid for version will give access to the ability to create custom notification feeds to further personalize them to your wants and needs. The “Sort by Feed” feature updated to sort itself out in a similar way to the manage sources.

Since the 3.7.0 version came out it has further been updated to 3.7.1 is quick succession. The latest will have stamped out even further bugs. It has over 1 million installs already and could be well on the way to 5 million. As usual they won’t show us the exact number but keep us guessing in the vicinity. The update came in on the 18th of May and it 5 MB in size. That is small and will be fine to download using the mobile data.

If you are a person that spends a lot of time browsing around the internet and you love to check out lots of blogs then having your own reader is ideal. It gives you a place where you can list your Favorite sites and see in “feeds” what they are posting. Sometimes a site can slip our minds and we forget to check them only later to find out they posted something that interests us. Other times we are just looking to save time and effort by bundling them together in a more economical way. For some people, RSS is often daunting and confusing. It leads them to just typing in URLs the normal way and not taking the time to learn what it is all about properly. This app will help you change your mind.

Download gReader 3.7.1 from this link direct from the Play store.

View the full list of features here:

What’s New
* Fixed: Quick fixes
* NEW: 2 new beautiful themes: Blue and Green
* NEW: Custom notification for feeds (Pro)
* NEW: Create shortcut for subscriptions/tags
* NEW: Change settings in Tasker : Synchronization, Offline Usage, Notification, Theme
* NEW: OPML Export (Manage Sources)
* IMPROVED: RSS Reader (local) loading feed information
* IMPROVED: OPML Import (RSS Reader only)
* IMPROVED: Sort by feed now sorts like Manage sources
* FIXED: Display issue on some websites
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