If you know me you’ll also know how much I love the animated Gif. These picture treats like mini-movies are as addictive as Apple Pie, but when it comes to device leaks nobody has ever managed to produce such a thing until now.

There is not a more fitting time and place to show the first ever 360-degree view of smartphone leak thanks to a GIF other than with an all new HTC One Prime M8. It is coming out very soon to hopeful knock-off the LG G3 Quad HD display market and rival what Apple make with the iPhone 6 at the same time. If I was to predict I’d say that the G3 won’t do enough to beat the new iPhone of 2014 and it will fizzle similar to the G Flex did after the fascination of the feature first went away. However, the Primed M8 could receive good sales again the Primed S5 and the iPhone 6. Check out the smartphone in all of its glory below:

HTC Prime

The first thing that stands out is the light gray front-sides and the darker gray back. There is also a bright orange around the camera border and it is a new way of trying to style the inevitably ugly camera lens that sticks out.

Anyway, as you can see from the official render above, the design is a lot different compared to the original M8. There are rumors of liquid silicone finish and that could be what is making this handset look so different. Interestingly, usually it is a more plastic appearance that people associate with the cheaper option and the aluminum finish with the more expensive option. That is what Samsung are doing with the galaxy S5 and it seems as thought HTC might be going the other way around with theirs.

EvLeaks are the website that had this posted to them, and yesterday they were also given specs to go along with it. If their sources are correct the new M8 will have a 5.5-inch display, Snapdragon 805 CPU (Which we already knew), the QHD 1440 x 2560 screen resolution, 3 GB of RAM and a new Cat 6 speed for the 4G LTE network. The latest point is interesting because I was exposed to some information yesterday about how the US internet speeds stack up again the rest of the world and the news were not good. It was astonishing to see how far behind many countries they were and in particular Hong Kong. Surprisingly even countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, France, Japan and Russia are ahead of the US. According to reports, it is not set to change either because Comcast have no plans to fix it and if the merger goes through with Time Warner Cable it could get even worse.

Here is the info graphics regarding the data speed in the US compared to the other countries. Like I mentioned, the new Cat 6 in the M8 Prime could help out with better smartphone browsing and download speeds.


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