You might remember dating back to July 22 when I blogged on the CyanogenMod teaser trailer, “A new challenge, a new nemesis” was shown to the world. Now all has been revealed about what this actually is.

The new project is an Android camera app named Focal. Slightly disappointing to me personally, however, when it comes to cameras they seem to be the world’s favorite thing, so how can you blame them for bringing this out?

What’s so good about this?

It will serve as a completely new camera for Android users to have instead of the native one that comes with the devices. The CM team thinks they have come up with a better way to go about its business. Only time will tell. If history is anything to go by, then they sure do have a good crack at creating something better than we have already seen before. On top of that, if it was to be a success, it could really open new doors is bridging the gap between a standard user and a hacker. Could you imagine how big hacking would become if every girl wanted a cool new camera on their phones? It’s the kind of thing that is needed to show what CyanogenMod is all about.

What makes Focal different to the normal camera apps?

There’s a new picture tool which gives Panorama, PicSphere, standard photo and video options. When it comes to using the app, you now have easy to use widgets. Basically, what that means is you can slide across features and things that you want to use onto the screen, making life simpler and how you want it to be. The widgets I’m talking about can be seen in the image. There is also a lot of other smaller features to look out for.

Focal is currently an open source project which is based off of the Cm10.1 and also the Android 4.2.2 kernel.

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