Here you can check out the much-anticipated Moto X Google phone commercials. The main focus in these adverts is pretty much what you would expect: Motorola’s main features. This includes the quick capture cameras that are said to be the answer to making ‘fewer’ photo fails’. The other one if the touch-less controls which is very intriguing. How do you control something without touching it? We love the Moto X as our favorite pick for mid-range phone of the year on our own personal rankings. It comes with Android 4.2.2 jelly bean out of the box and features a big display, high pixel density screen, high-resolution display, high-resolution camera,  lots of RAM, a dual core processor, NFC and fast 4G mobile data support.

Check the advertisements out:

Other things you will have noticed in the commercials are the full color range you can expect to see in stores when they arrive. There were also some more features packed in if you managed to sneak a peek. If you didn’t, you can go back and watch the tap anywhere on the screen for a happy snap. You can also some of the active display being showcased.

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