Just like how people like to choose where they shop for clothes to wear they also like to be able to choose what ROMs are running on their smartphones and tablets. There are loads of third-party developers out there who are not employed by Google and Android and are making ROMs for people to use that look different from the ones that Android developers make for you. The allure of these is pretty self-explanatory: they allow people to be running something on their devices that they like better than what Android had managed to give them. There is also a lot more to installing a custom ROM than just the looks alone. People can pick and choose what ROMs they want based on their uniqueness, and by that I mostly mean features. Each ROM differs from the next not only by looks but what you can do on them. Often this refers to certain apps being removed which results in greater battery life and hardware performance while other times it means adding features that Android and other ROMs never presented to the people. The result should leave people happier both from better looks that they find more appealing and more practical features that they can make use of instead of the ones that were on the device before, and they never used. A custom ROM gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab S device owners a chance to use something that better suits them instead of using the same old software that pumped out of the factory right around the world. And much like that pair of pants that you bought last month that you like so much, the new ROMs should also offer that same kind of opportunity to rock something that you love and can feel good about using.

Android developers do not mind you installing custom ROMs, but they don’t make them easy to install. They block off the chance to quickly install a new ROM by reducing the stock recovery partition not to include the option of uploading zip files which is what you need to get them loaded. We solve this problem by installing a custom recovery like Team Win’s TWRP Recovery and then we can install our custom ROMs. The other thing that many custom ROMs need is for the device to be rooted. The only exception to this is when the custom ROM that you are installing comes pre-rooted. Most manufacturers and phone carrier networks would prefer you to run the stock ROM because they offer these corporations the chance to make more money from your eyes and fingers after you originally purchased the device. They make this happen by the system apps that are running in the hopes that you use them which then, in turn, results in revenue ticking over for them some way or another. By replacing the stock ROM with a custom version, you’re usually removing these system apps that were allowing them to make the money and thus it makes them unhappy. Ethically, though, it should be up to you what you do with your device since you already bought it. If that means throwing it in the bin as soon as you get home or installing a new ROM, then that is your prerogative.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

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PhoeniX ROM V3.0

The first custom ROM that we saw available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet is the PhoeniX ROM, and we are glad that it was because it’s one that you should try if you like speed paired with something unique that will separate you from the pack. One of the main reasons as to why people like installing custom ROMs that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough is the fact that it allows people to be more of an individual–something that so many people want to be on a very subconscious level. While not a psychologist, I’m almost certain that is the reason for people having outrageous haircuts. You find many of the independent custom ROMs that came out have that uniqueness appeal, but you can’t trust many of them because you can tell skilled developers haven’t developed them. The Phoenix custom ROM here is different. Here you have a ROM that is unique and also developed well. You can run this custom ROM on your work phone and not have to worry about stability concerns.

Features: a unique PhoeniX Kernel V2.0, a ROM that is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, plenty of status bar modifications, a unique Phoenix ROM control feature, new notification panel modifications. Moreover, you also get other modifications to the ROM in general, new buttons and display features, a data management option, new restart options, new utilities, loads of other changes.

Download: PhoeniX ROM V3.0

SimplerStock ROM

The SimplerStock custom ROM is pretty self-explanatory in that it promises to give you another version of the stock ROM that comes even simpler. So by “simpler” what do they mean? Well, it essentially means the same thing as having the ROM debloated with all of the stock system applications removed that you did not want. One of the main reasons why people root the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet is to install something like the Titanium Backup application and then choose which system apps to remove from the list of applications. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though and it usually requires a level of expertise to do it correctly without removing the wrong system apps. Removing the wrong system apps can be severe and result in you bricking the device. That’s why many people prefer to install a custom ROM like the SimplerStock ROM, which already has taken care of all that for you instead.

Features: based on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop software updates, comes completely debloated, so you don’t see any of the Samsung system apps that were slowing down your hardware and using up the battery power.

Download: SimplerStock ROM

Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM

As with many of the other custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM is rather appropriately named too. The Galaxy Tab S has been around for a long time and to have a Marshmallow-based custom ROM available is truly unique. Android versions usually get better as time goes on because developers can hone their skills and do more. The one problem that can sometimes get in the way is that older hardware in the devices cannot handle what a new ROM requires. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S device is capable of handling this custom ROM that is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow relatively quickly given that it is a tablet and not a smartphone. However, it is also helped by the fact that it is based on Vanilla Android sources and pure AOSP. You will need to install Google Gapps with this ROM if you want any of the Google stock applications. You can see the Open Gapps package available from the XDA-Developers thread in the first post when you click the download link below.

Features: a ROM that is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow comes debloated, so you don’t get any of the system applications from Samsung, based on Vanilla Android sources and real AOSP.

Download: Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM

Sucuk ROM v2.2.1

The Sucuk ROM is about as good as an entirely independent ROM is going to get. The developer of the Sucuk ROM plans on continuing the work into the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software updates so you can have a Marshmallow-based ROM. While not one of the most popular custom ROMs out there for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet, the Sucuk developers know what they are doing, and this is a ROM you can rely on with your work phone. What is more, you can even get Xposed Framework installed on this custom ROM.

Features: the Sucuk custom ROM is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, it comes with loads of ported and theme features, plenty of builds.prop tweaks, Lockscreen/Keyguard features, new notification drawer features like the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, the developers plans on continuing support for this ROM for Android Marshmallow.

Download: Sucuk ROM

PowerROM v.5.0f Aroma

The PowerROm is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop software updates, and it is one of the most downloaded custom Roms for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet which tells you that it is not bad because usually, it’s the ROMs that are based on the latest firmware that gets all of the love. You might be put off by the Russian language that is on the display during the reboot menu, but you can download another file to fix that problem if you must have it in English. Don’t let that Russian language option pout you off as this is a custom Rom that is stable and willing to work well on your daily tablet.

Features: based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, is a stable custom ROM.

Download: PowerROM V5 Aroma

Supernova ROM

We have mentioned several custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S smartphone that come to you debloated, meaning they lack the system apps. They do not always have all of the system apps removed, though, and without trying them ourselves, it is impossible for us to see exactly which apps are no longer there unless the original developers of the ROM choose to let us know in the information they provided. Suffice to say; we don’t ever really get that chance to fill you guys in on what is available and what isn’t–until a custom ROM like the Supernova ROM comes along. The main features (and the reason for the name Supernova ROM) is because it comes to you like the most debloated custom Rom available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S device. We know that because they label it “the most debloated Rom for the T700” that is out there available to install today. Those looking for pure Android and a quick ROM should check out this one as it doesn’t get any better.

Features: all of the system applications from Samsung are gone, is much faster than the stock ROM, you should notice battery performance components, based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, Working MultiWindow. Additionally, there is the Silky Smooth, comes with the OTA Updater for easy updates, Pre-rooted with SuperSU 2.71 (a systemless version of the SuperSU), Working TW launcher, Based on latest USA OK1 firmware.

Download: Supernova ROM – Extreme Debloating

Ezio84 SlimLP

The SlimLP custom ROMs are some of the most popular ROMs in the world and are made by excellent developers. The version we get here is a stable version and can be run with confidence that it will not let you down. Consider the SLimLP custom Rom one of the absolute best options for you to run on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. SlimLP Roms get their name because they are a slimmed down versions of the ROM that Android gives to you when you open your device out of the box. The idea here is to increase the performance much like removing the system apps. However, the difference is that SLimLP is genuinely a custom Android operating system, and not the official version of Android. The developers from SLimLP gives you work that comes directly from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.

Features: Telephony: Non-intrusive InCall UI switch, SystemUI: fix keyguard charging text not showing, Display cursor buttons in navigation bar while typing, Slim Global Menu (power menu configuration), BootMessage: Show each app name being optimized during boot, Blacklist, DeskClock: Add option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar, Heads up advanced configuration. What is more, you get the Set “Prevent accidental wake-up” to off by default, Built-in Terminal app, Proximity speaker, Custom System Tools Menu in Settings, Partition information menu, Higher dpi value (=stock-20), SuperSU, Turn off “Mobile data” and “Data roaming” by default, Let the user switch from AOSP to the Google web view and vice versa just by installing or uninstalling the application from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, there is the Screen Recorder, Advanced reboot/power tile, Dialer lookup, Add top task manager (you can run it in the terminal), Remove the useless persistent plugged headset notification, DeskClock: Add back flip and shake actions, Add back quick sound mode switch in the notification tile, Materialize volume panel in/out animation, DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager, StatusBar Ticker, Full switch to CM AudioFx and Eleven, Layers theme engine, plus all of the stock SlimRoms features.

Download: Ezio84 SlimLP

IronROM V2.5 Aroma

Probably the most popular custom Rom for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the IronMan ROM comes packed with plenty of appeals and seldom does a Rom ever create quite as much buzz as we have seen with this one. We can tell you that over half a million people have checked this custom ROM out and nearly the same amount of probably installed it. IronMan is almost as cool as it gets in the geek world, so it’s no surprise that the ROM is popular, but is it any good? From our research, the answer is definitely as yes. It comes with all of the bells and whistles that you would expect to find from a good ROM, including Init.d support, Deodexed and BusyBox preinstalled. It’s also a ROM that comes pre-rooted, so you don’t have to worry about doing that separately. In addition to those wonderful features, it also comes with an advertisement blocker pre-installed so you can browse the web without any advertisements. As much as we dislike it, being able to block advertisements from your display is your personal choice, and if they bother you so much that you cannot bear to look at them, then it’s probably best for everyone that they disappear.

Features: OTA-App, Aroma Installer, Deodexed, Latest TouchWiz Sources, Floating- & 4 Multi Window Support, Zipaligned, Sound Booster, AppOps enabled in settings, Pre-rooted, Init.d support. In addition to those, you get the KNOX notifications removed, Latest SuperSU (2.52) & BusyBox (1.24.1), Adblocker, SD card writing problems fixed, IronKernel V2.5.5.

Download: IronRom V2.5 Aroma


The PAC-Man custom ROMs are a mixture of Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, and AOSP custom Roms all blended into one which gives people a multitude of features to use. Some people say that PAC-Man Roms are the best, but they don’t work well on all devices because they require a certain amount of hardware. These PAC-man custom Roms run heavier than many other custom Roms which usually exist to give you a lightweight experience. With that said, tablets make for a great foundation for the PAC-man Roms because tablets usually have better hardware than a smartphone. We are confident that the PAC-man custom ROM will work well for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet and will not give you any problems.

Features: based on CyanogenMod, AOSP, and Paranoid Android, advanced keyboard, AOKP weather, battery indicator around the unlock ring, contextual notification header, floating window, gesture lock screen unlock, Halo, lock screen notifications, low battery warning, network speed indicator, OmniSwitch. Furthermore, you get the PAC performance, progress bar customization, RAM bar, Slim PIE, wake lock blockers, App bar, battery bar, CM themes, custom tethering network, gesture anywhere, listview and toast animation customization, lock screen see through with blur, low battery warning, network speed indicator, volume step customizations, Slim Recents, Slim Heads Up, QuickSettings Customizations, PrivacyGuard, Pac Console.

Download: PAC-MAN-Rom

LiquidSmooth v4.1 (Official)

The LiquidSmooth custom ROMs are renowned across the globe as some of the best custom ROM you can install and rival some of the biggest names in the business. Many people prefer running a LiquidSmooth custom ROM over any other (even CyanogenMod) because they work so well. They are difference from any other in the sense that they devote their Android development to giving users the smoothest and most reliable ROM on the market. In addition to the ROMs being very stable, they are also fast since they are modified to be lightweight. The LiquidSmooth custom ROMs are based on Android Open Source Project.

Features: ROM built with UberTC 4.8.4 GCC Toolchain, Custom Navbar Options, Last animation views and interpolator, SuperSU Integrated, Long click option for quick settings, OmniRoms Performance Control, Gesture Anywhere, Heads up customization, Option to disable screenshot noise, Per app control for Lockscreen notifications, Safe headset volume option, Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime. Moreover, you get the Option to not wake up device when charge is plugged/unplugged, IME switcher notification control, Force autorotation on IME, CyanogenMod’s Privacy Guard, Screen Density changer, Option to disable search bar in recents, Double tap status bar to sleep control, Extra info about your device, Google bug report and OTA removed, Timeout and instant lock options added to slide unlock, Navigation bar height control, CM 12 Theme engine, AOKP system animation control. Additionally, you get the Avoid poor wifi connection option, CM Custom QS Tiles, LockClock options in settings, App Circle Sidebar, Battery icon options, Custom toast animations, Filter spam notifications, Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation, Less annoying sound notifications option, Option to customize device hostname, Volume rocker wake up, Option to disable fullscreen keyboard, Option to force show enter key, Increasing ringtone option, Statusbar clock customization, Statusbar brightness control, Custom Lockscreen shortcuts, Custom Liquid Logo in about phone/tablet, Option to show kernel toolchain and other info by tapping kernel version, Developer options enabled by default, Show application package name in app information, Partition size information.

Download: LiquidSmooth v4.1

In conclusion, that is our list of the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. You should always check the model numbers that the ROMs are available for from the official download page which is linked to the XDA-Developers threads because not all ROMs can be installed on all model number. You will see the model numbers that they can be installed on clearly labeled in the titles or the original post which are linked after you click the download links.