These are the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 device. The list features the work from popular teams such as crDroid, the official CyanogenMod custom ROM, SlimLP, CandySix, Resurrection Remix and plenty more. The CyanogenMod ROM is the most popular in the world and everyone should try it out at least once if it’s available for your device. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 owners do have that luxury available. There are many other great ROMs from this list that are also just as worthy of a spot as a ROM running on your device. In many cases, people prefer the work from the Resurrection Remix team.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

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Beanstalk ROM v6.13:

You can say that the Beanstalk ROM is an extract from the official CyanogenMod custom ROM and added some few features to make it a proper usable custom ROM with tons of customize-able options and tweaks. You can install this custom ROM if you are a true gamer because even high graphics games run smoothly on this custom ROM.

Features: CyanogenMod 13 based, PIE control, built in task manager, onthego mode, app circle bar, system UI tuner, trimmed down excess bloat, quickeer system animations, option to enable all widgets, 3minit mod, DND options, show notification count, customization navigation bar, recent screen options, app circle bar, use Omniswitch, disable FC warnings, toast animations, battery styles, CM performance options and features.

Download: Beanstalk ROM v6.13

Official crDroid ROM:

Getting the official crDroid on your device is like attaching a new module to your phone which can amazingly increase the performance of your device. The crDroid custom ROM team is making custom ROMs from back when Android OS wasn’t so popular, so you can imagine how perfect these guys are for making custom ROMs today.

Features: CyanogenMod 13 based, volume panel timeout, heads up customization, quick access button on the expanded status bar, heads up notifications, slimPIE controls menu in navring targets, four tiles per row, vibrate tiles on touch, omni ambient display, disable quick settings on secure lock screen, power menu and notification tiles, superuser indicator, force expanded notifications.

Download: Official crDroid ROM

Official CyanogenMod 13 ROM:

The Official CyanogenMod 13 custom ROM is not made for many devices, but you are lucky that CyanogenMod team supported your device for making custom ROMs. Don’t worry, this custom ROM is not any nightly or beta build which mean this custom ROM is now official and won’t have any bugs around.

Features: Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, custom DPI, CPU control, active display, live display, ambient brightness control, notification bar customization, status bar tinting, navigation bar customization, quick setting tiles customization, enlarge first row in quick settings, lock screen shortcuts customization, double tap on the status bar to sleep the device, music control during sleep by click and hold volume rocker buttons.

Download: Official CyanogenMod 13 ROM

CandySix v1.1 ROM:

The Candy custom ROMs are also one of the smoothest custom ROMs of all time. The CandySix custom ROM contains features that no other custom ROM thinks of to have running in their builds. The performance can amaze you if you will compare the performance of your device before and after installing this custom ROM.

Features: Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, layers support, battery bar, multi window, lock screen shortcuts, animations, power menu customization, toast animations customization, DT2S on the nav bar, system animation, extra IME options, dark UI switch, nav bar dpi, volume rocker buttons customization, slim dim, time context headers in panel, list view animations, advanced power menu.

Download: CandySix v1.1 ROM

Official SlimLP ROM:

The SlimLP custom ROM is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and one of my favorite custom ROMs on the level of smoothness. The SlimLP custom ROMs are always trimmed down custom ROMs which don’t contain unwanted apps and other bloatware which always eat lots of RAM and make your device lag.

Features: Android 5.1 Lollipop based, liquid smooth launcher and app drawer, quick pull down, developer options enabled by default, paged and continuous list options for app drawer, more widgets, multi window, notification bar customization, navigation bar height.

Download: Official SlimLP ROM

Official OmniROM:

The OmniROM is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and this one here is the official build from the developers. This custom ROM has some cool customization features and performance tweaks to control your phone at some amazing system levels. The Omni ROM is based on the CM 11 custom ROM which contains a working CM theme engine to customize your device with lots of themes available in the store.

Features: Android 4.4.4 KitKat based, multi window, battery safer mode, OC kernel, added terminal emulator, omni switch, smoother boot animations, green charging animation, all in one animations control, fix screen off animation, SELinux switch, SuperSU indicator, notification count.

Download: Official OmniROM

Xperia Cool™ ROM;

If you ever were impressed by the Sony Xperia devices and the interface that usually comes with, then I bet you always keep finding any launcher or some app to make your device look more like Xperia device. But now you have one solution for that and that is Xperia Cool custom ROM. The Xperia Cool custom ROM contains some of the stock Xperia apps ripped straight from a Xperia device to give you an Xperia experience.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, xperia album, xperia movie, xperia walk man, xperia visualizer, edit movie info, xperia home, xperia keyboard, calendar, movie editor, movie creator, audio recorder.Ps app, DSEE HX, S-Force front surround, equalizer preset + manual mode, clear audio +, walk man visualizer.

Download: Xperia Cool ROM

Resurrection Remix 5.0.2 ROM:

The Resurrection Remix custom ROM is based on the CyanogenMod 12.1 custom ROM and it is a good deal more popular than lost other custom ROMs, just like CyanogenMod custom ROMs. The main reason why they are so popular is because of the simplicity of the interface. This custom ROM only contains some of the basic performance and user interface tweaks to make it more simple and fast like the CyangenMod custom ROM.

Features: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, status bar switch, brightness slider, enable disable navigation bar, superuser indicator, quick pull down, time and date, center clock and right clock alignment, battery bar customization, lock screen short cuts, back light timer, double tap actions, wake up device switch, long press actions, LCD density, expanded desktop mode, all new CM auto FX app, heads up customization.

Download: Resurrection Remix 5.0.2 ROM