The architectural plans have been in the world for a long time, and if you were to Google Cupertino, California you would probably even see the building pop up in the image results. The new building I’m talking about is the one featured to the left of this writing, and will be the new headquarters for the Apple campus.

Apple has always been located inside of the quiet town of Cupertino in the Sunny state, but were just in a different building.

With it being such a monumental design and taking up so much space, it was actually given as a town vote on whether to not it would be accepted by the small community. The results are now in and the project will now be a full go-ahead.

The council is meeting for a final time around mid November. From there, if everything clears like it should, the tradesmen will start making it. It will take 3 years of full-time around the clock work to get this thing complete. If that time frame were to go over, it wouldn’t be of any surprise either, as I’m sure the fruit company don’t have any eviction notices, they will need to worry about from their current facility.

The news came via CEO Tim Cook’s twitter feed. They are currently calling it the spaceship campus.