Cone app 0.9.3 for Linux is now here includes Python Package. For those who don’t already know the Cone app is a Web Build application on top of a Pyramid framework.


Key features that are included in the Cone App 0.9.3 Linux Python Package are as follows:

– Standard app layout (Base)
– integration for authentication comes included.
– Learn the model basics for applications.
– UI Widgets – including all common UI widgets used.
– AJAX assistants.
– All extensions are now well laid out plugins.

You can download the Cone App 0.9.3 from this direct download link from softpedia here

The new app comes with a lot more fixes also. Including bug fixes from past versions , learn how to add basic css, css and java can now be merged, more resources and much more.

For more details on the package you can head over to the zope and plone domains as the are the developers of the new package.

Also download a plugin for the Cone app called cone.ugm 0.9.4

You can find out all the information you need to know about the cone.ugm 0.9.4 including direct download links from this link here