Google Chrome is a great browser but for many it isn’t perfect. Many people still like some features that the old mobile Safari brought to the table, such as being able to tap and hold down the .com button to bring up the list of top-level domains instead of having the entire top row of keys inserted like Google Chrome browser has. If you are one of these people you are in luck thanks to the new ChromeURL Cydia tweak for iOS.


User’s aren’t sure whether Google thought it would be great to bring out a browser that includes the ability to be able to use symbols and a .com button on a default row of keys or whether they just had to come up with a new idea unlike any others. Either way many people done like it. If you’re one of those people this ChromeURL tweak is for you.

You can get your copy of the ChromeURL tweak from the Cydia store from this link. And please, don’t forget you will need to have a Jailbroken device before you can use this 3rd party app. For a guide on how to Jailbreak search for it in our search bar on site.

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