Carphone Warehouse, the largest phone shop in the UK and exclusive right holder of the gold edition, is now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 starting March 28th just after midnight. It is releasing the same day as every other seller on April 11. This date will not change for anybody even if we are seeing places like Carphone Warehouse taking the orders now. It obviously does help by ordering quicker because that means consumers will not be waiting as long for it to arrive. The concept behind this is to decrease the waiting period and the stress of the production.

To order yours in, visit the website here and look at the right side for the three deals they have running. There are the monthly £42 payments, or the buying outright and SIM free £579.95 option.

There are four different colour options accessible by clicking the images and taking a look at on the left side of the screen. The first image shows the Charcoal Black version, followed by the shimmery White, then Electric Blue and the exclusive to carphone Warehouse copper gold. Think twice before buying the gold colour because of its exclusive rights, however, because some rumors have suggested it will see worldwide production. That makes it a gamble that we can not confirm one way or the other. It has always been said that most of the world was only going to get the Black and White colour options. As you know, things change in this industry very fast. At this moment though, it is noted as a Carphone Warehouse phone. Previous rumors suggested that it would be a Vodafone phone only making it operate from a phone carrier rather than a direct seller.

After just witnessing the HTC One M8 unveiled, I ought to say that I am in awe with it, but there were some lackluster parts in it like the camera. That has started significant opportunity for a company like Samsung, whom we know have an emphasis on the camera this year as something they make well, to steal away many of HTC’s potential customers.

Between us, I’m not exactly sure which smartphone I would choose between the two of them just yet. Samsung has said that a metal S5 is “highly unlikely” even though all the rumors suggest otherwise. It is hard to trust Sammy saying this because obviously that is what they want us all to believe. If a more premium metal variant does come out around June as we are hear that also has the snapdragon 805 processor on board, I would be perturbed if I ordered this plastic version. Having said that, looking at it directly against the HTC One M8, it is hard to pick them apart.

What we love about the Galaxy S5 is that it is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat straight out of the shop, the screen is now 5.1-inches in size and with all the excellent applications and things to do on a smartphone, a bigger display is only better as long as it does not come heavier. The manufacturers are creating them lighter, and that means as long as it is not bulky in my pocket I’m happy with a bigger physical display. The technology that makes the screen is super AMOLED, and it has the screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels of high-definition quality.

Where this flagship smartphone stands out is in the 16 megapixel camera that also has a range of other features involved in it like the autofocus, a high dynamic range mode (HDR), manual focus and touch to focus and detection focus which means it is easier to keep the shots in focus. There’s absolutely no way in the world HTC have managed to compete on this level so instead of even trying they have come up with a 4 “ultra pixel” instead of megapixel camera to try to “wow” fans into thinking they have created something unique when, they have not at all. Sammy’s camera will beat HTC’s in the M8. However, they have added a new mode that uses the dual camera on the back. The second lens lets device phone refocus the images after taking them by using software as if you were editing them afterwards. This takes away the need of being precise while taking the actual picture.
If buyers decide to go against the Galaxy S5, the carphone Warehouse website also has lots of other great deals, which can be seen on the screenshot I’ve taken above. There’s the HTC One for 38 and the iPhone 5C for 27.99, plus a wide range of “pay as you go” phones which includes good offers for the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Huawei Ascend Y300.

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