Samsung is now well known for making premium and luxury devices like its Galaxy Note series. After the second version of Galaxy flagship smartphone, Samsung changed the whole appearance of it. When Samsung lunched Galaxy S5, as we all presumed is a premium smart phone with finger print sensor so it will burn your monthly budget and yes Samsung Galaxy S5 worth Rs 45K at the time of launch and all the tech guys like me left dreaming about a this phone.

And after some time Samsung gets kind to us all and launched the mini version of Galaxy S5 and it worth only half of Galaxy S5. We became happy bought it and you know we can’t even get a good sleep until we mess up any Android smart phone we have. So today I have some custom ROMs from all over the internet so you can also mess your Galaxy S5 Mini’s. Each of the custom ROMs from this list here have some new features which you won’t get on your S5 Mini device — even after the latest update.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

So what are you waiting for come on and get a deep dive into the world of Android customization but before that take a good look at all the precautions and preparations given below so you don’t really mess up your phone.

  • Make sure you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and installed a custom recovery on it like TWRP recovery.
  • How to root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.
  • You also need to charge your phone to at least 70% battery before installation because it will brick your phone if your phone goes of during he installation process.
  • Backup every file you have on your phone or you will lose it during custom ROM installation process.
  • These custom ROMs are only for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, do noy try to install these custom ROM on any other Android variant.

CyanogenMod 13:

If you want your Galaxy S5 mini to be updated to Android 6.0 marshmallow and all the features of it then you should go for this custom ROM made. As this custom ROM is now a nightly build so it could have some bug in it so install this custom ROM at your own risk.

CyanogenMod 13

Features: Brightness slider, additional settings (buttons menu in settings), HW accelerated UI, flash light app pre installed, MTP storage, better camera app (stock Android 6.0 marshmallow themed).

Download CyanogenMod 13

BlissPop 5.1.1:

BlissPop 5.1.1 custom ROMs are based on CyanogenMod builds and believe these custom ROMs are smoother, faster and better than the CyanogenMod builds. BlissPop custom ROMs have their own custom kernels for better performance.


Features: clock and date customization options, brightness control, breathing notifications, notification count, power button call end, double tap to sleep, left handed mode, memory bar, omni switch, tile options, flash light option, quick and smart pull down notification bar, slim actions tile.

Download BlissPop 5.1.1 ROM

CyanogenMod 12.1:

CyanogenMod 12.1 custom ROM is based on Android 5..1.1 Lollipop with all the features of it. This build of CM 12 custom ROM is unofficial build so it could have some bugs in it but still this custom ROM is good for daily driver and will get better with further updates.

CyanogenMod 12.1


Features: Status bar customization, status bar icons, quick and smart pull down, lots of customization options, clock alignment options, notification drawer options, notification count, theme engine with lots of themes available on Google play store.

Download CyanogenMod 12 ROM

Tweaked Deodexed Stock ROM:

Stock ROM is the same ROM that came pre installed with your phone when you bought it or shipped with. This ROM have all the previous features that you use to have in your phone before installing any custom ROM to it. This stock ROM is also special because this ROM can easily be flashed using the custom recovery without odin software. This stock TOM is also tweaked for performance.

mindestensSamsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Features: Deodexed for better performance and smoothness, zip aligned for better stability and battery backup, pre rooted with SuperSU so you don’t need to root it again, this stock ROM is tweaked for more performance from the same old features and interface.

Download Deodexed stock ROM

Stock-Based S6 Lollipop ROM;

This custom ROM is entirely based on stock Galaxy S5 mini firmware but tweaked for lots of performance, stability and smoothness. This custom ROM also has a little bit of the Galaxy S6 and Note 4 feel (see features) in it. More features of this custom ROM is listed below.

Stock-based ROM S5 Mini

Features: pre-rooted with SuperSU, deodexed, de-bloated (lots of unusual apps removed), smooth as butter, extremely tweaked, S6 theme, build.prop tweaks, faster camera, S6 camera, S6 gallery, S6 browser, Note 4 launcher with themes installed, Galaxy Lollipop themed status bar.

Download Stock-based S6 Lollipop ROM

Galaxy S5 Mini Stock firmware:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini stock firmware is the one which came pre-installed with your phone. This stock ROM is used to have your phone’s warranty back (if there left any). After installing this stock ROM on your phone your phone’s root access and installed custom recovery will set back to default and you have to root your phone again.

Android Lollipop

For installing this stock ROM you need to download Odin software. To download latest Odin software go to this page.

Download Galaxy S5 Mini

These custom ROMs need Google apps package to be installed so you can download Google apps package from here.

If you know any custom ROM which is not listed here then you can tell us about it using the comment section below.