Over the years we’ve seen plenty of ‘vs’ tests done that stack up the competition next to each other. It’s a key element in assessing which smartphone or table truly comes out on top of the specs battle. in addition, there’s no greater way to substantiate the performance.

Before we take effects too seriously, you should understand that this video is done by an Apple fan boy. That’s obvious by when he talks up the new iPhone 6 Plus for not coming out of his pocket and bashing the Windows Phone by stating ‘ nobody wants that. ‘

6 Plus

That said, the footage that you are witnessing is 100% real from inside a blender and taken at slow motion speed so we can break down the impact. You will notice the Note’s battery pack is completely out of the casing by the time the new iPhone starts it’s first wear and tear.

Taking the picture back to real-time speeds and you will distinguish the iPhone quickly catches up and smashes into pieces. The one fixation that springs to mind for me is how the lithium battery packs are turned into pulp without any explosion. Yet, if I were to take my iPhone to the local Australia Post office, they would not ship my smartphone since it comes with a lithium battery.