Galaxy Core 2 render

The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is a low-end device with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and only 768 MB RAM. In addition, you get a A 4.5 inch low resolution display powered with a 2000 mAh battery. Lots of “low” huh? Want to make it “high?” then you should customize your phone with a custom ROM I have here in the post below. Unfortunately, you don’t have as many options as other smartphone — usually the more popular the smartphone, the more the third-party developers cater for those people with ROMs. That said, these custom ROMs will make your Samsung Galaxy Core 2 phone something else and you will get to love your phone one more time.

These custom ROM as the name says a custom software made by some third party developers to give your pone some new features which your phone never had before. If you haven’t tried any custom ROM on your phone, then you should try them one. The feeling you got after installing custom ROM on your phone is priceless and you can’t describe it if you haven’t got one.

How to Root Galaxy Core 2 and how to install CWM Recovery.

The list of all the custom ROM available on internet follows:

Custom ROM v1.2a

Yeah! This custom ROM is named as Custom ROM with a version number, weird huh? But don’t worry, this custom ROM is very feature full and filled with good features. This ROM has stock Android Kit Kat with Samsung’s Touch Wiz mix with Android Lollipop icons. I know that you will love this custom ROM after installing it on your phone.

Features: Pre rooted with Super SU 2.45, customized setup, ART (Android Run Time) is added, scrollable menu at start dock, Nova Launcher 4.0 and the latest chrome app.

Download Custom ROM v1.2a

Speed ROM

Speed ROM is a very good and fast ROM with lots of features, based on CM 11. This ROM makes your phone fast and this ROM is very stable never crashes or lags at anything. Thai ROM has a base of Slim ROM that means this ROM don’t have any extra bloatware that comes with all Samsung devices. Features of this ROM are listed below.

Features: Slim, very fast, zip aligned, deodexed, png optimization, fast and smooth, no bloatware, and did I mentioned it as fast before?

Download Speed ROM

Lollipop custom ROM

Do you ever think of having an Android Lollipop interface and features on your Galaxy Core 2 then today is the day you can have that in reality. This custom ROM will make your phone look like the real Android Lollipop. All the interface and the features of Android Lollipop are filled with it, you can easily install this custom ROM on your phone.

Features: Material interface, Galaxy S6 themed notification bar, lots of new features, amazingly fast and rock stable and buttery smooth.

Download Android Lollipop custom ROM.

Google apps are separate flash able zip you can install after installing the custom ROM so you can have all the Google services and apps like Google plus, Play Store, hangout and Google maps. Download it from here.

As you know nothing is perfect in this whole world so if you find any flaw or bug in this custom ROM then you can report it to us using the comment section below.