Whether you admire him or loathe him, there’s no disputing that President Barack Obama is one of the most well-known people on the planet. And all politics aside, he is one cool cat when he is not dishing up all the usual day job duties one has to partake in when they are arguably the most authoritative character on the face of the planet. He has made it well-known that he loves his sports by admitting to regular NBA and college basketball match views and sometimes even attending them in person. Then there’s the famous lunches with the Superbowl champions every year if they should happen to accept the invitation to The White House.

When it comes to mobile phones, another key interest of ours, Barack is right behind us again. He has stated publicly that he wants Smartphones unlocked just like the rest of us here and now he has found himself with the onerous task of picking between cellphones for the year 2014. Corresponding to the Wall Street Journal the two smartphones Mr. President in tossing up between this year are the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG flagship.

As much as we love Obama’s swagger, he has not had much of it lately when it comes to looking at the handsets that come out of his pocket. The White House has been supplied by Blackberry for most of his tenure in parliament, and since the Canadian company seems to be going nowhere but downhill still after their notable recent struggles, it seems the men in black have had enough.

When it comes to transactions of this kind, it is easy to assume the RIM-based company dished out a great deal, because let’s face it, its great advertising for them at the same time. However, that is not the case according to reports from 2008 when it was said the Barack himself has a close affiliation with Blackberry that he just couldn’t let go. Back then that is easy to believe because they were a lot more popular with people around the beginning of the iPhone’s life. The Qwerty keyboard they produced was regarded as the keyboard to use until the software from iOS and Android quickly made it thing of the past.

Obama is also on account for affirming that Steve Jobs was a “symbol of the American dream” shortly after he passed away from cancer. Steve was the founder of the iconic Apple brand name that reinvented the mobile phone.