The long-awaited HTC handset for 2014 that is codenamed as M8 and rumored to be called “The All New One” has just been shown off on the official AT&T website we are they are saying they “have a secret.” It is additionally followed by a photograph of two girls whispering to each other. It does have a picture of the HTC phone, but because it only shows the outside border and the speaker across the top of the handset, they’ve cleverly kept its looks a secret until now also.

Trying to promote a product launch, which is happening on the 25th of March according to the website, AT&T are giving away one device a day for 5 days until its eventual launch day is here.

From what we have to go on the rumor mill, HTC does not look to have a lot of new things for us on this new flagship or 2014. Much like the Samsung Galaxy S5, though, it will be coming with the Snapdragon 801 processor provided that the stories turn out to be valid. This Taiwanese manufacturer of Smartphones is good at keeping secrets, so we can never be too sure until it is seen in the flesh up on stage when they present it.

The good news is that HTC does not plan on having a long waiting period between the launch and release dates. We have been apprised that it could be only a matter of hours between the launch and when they can be purchased in stores. That’s awesome news considering they have been known to take a long time in the past. Together with Samsung, we’ve seen waiting periods of several months between the two events.

When I hear that news, the skeptic in me comes right out. If I pair together the news of a quick release along with no fantastic new features, it can be seen as a marketing tactic to try to sell as much of these phones as they can before people catch on to the fact that they just aren’t that great. With that being said, this handset looks to match up with the Samsung Galaxy S5 nicely as long as it comes with a fingerprint scanner that we saw Apple release first last year with the iPhone 5S.

Something the buyers of this phone will have to look forward to is the HTC owned and made Sense 6. The newest version of Sense is a brand new and a significant jump on from the last Sense 5.5. The other characteristic worth heeding is the inclusion of two rear-facing cameras instead of the usual one. There will be the usual front-facing camera to go along with that also, that has fewer megapixels, but more importantly, it brings the overall tally up to three cameras in total now — something that Apple did not include in their most recent flagship phone release.

For your chance to win, simply head over to this link and fill out the form attached at the bottom of the page.